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Mix your bathing and soap magic

We show you how to make individual natural cleaning poducts by yourself.
You will get to know different oils and plants with their characteristics
and can explore the preferences. In this workshop, you will learn how to
create your own beautiful home spa products. A selection of different cosmetic products will be created – soaps, bath salts and bath balls – incl. Individual (gift) packaging. In the end, you take home all the manufactured products.

What you get

• Script instructions
• Soap materials

What you take home

• Hand-out from the workshop
• Your own soap creations I bath ball

What else you should know

• bring inspiration with you

Your host

Nefeli grew up in Greece and she love the different smells of every season in a year. She started creating soaps and bath balls with herbals, essential oils and naturals materials to keep this wonderful smell of nature not only in the mind, but also on the body. With creativity she started creating soaps and she gave them as a gift to her friends and colleagues.

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