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Leather case

You will learn how to create a simple case for your carts or phone, using the leather techniques. First you have to choose your favorite color of the leather and thread. After you will think about the style and customize the given templates to your own desires.

What you get

• A various from high quality leather and threads
• All tools you need to build your creation
• Step by step instructions
• Tea, coffee, water and snacks

What you take home

• Your own handmade leather case

What else you should know

• You can bring also any pearl or object you would like to to include in your case

Your host

As Christos starts thinking to make a case for his phone, found leather scraps in a second hand shop. He starts trying different techniques and experiment with materials, styles and collecting leather from various manufacturers. After friends were asking about a case he started showing them the technique he learned by himself.

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