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Hiking around Korission lake

Korission Lake is located southwest of Corfu island, also known as Korission Lagoon. The lake is a national nature reserve. It’s protected  not only for the aesthetic value but as well for the biological reserve and is the largest wetland on the island, covering about 6000 hectares and being about 5 km long.

Close to the lake, various tools have  been found, which certifies that people lived here from the Paleolithic age. Since the 1960s, investigations have been carried out. Close to this area is the “Crava Cave” which was used as the residence of the Paleolithic people. The cave is 20 m long and 13 m high.

In the same area is also located the Byzantine castle “Gardiki Castle”. Is the only medieval castle left in the southern part of the island. The Castle was build at the 13th century as a protection from the pirates.

The lake was originally closed. The Venetians made a canal and opened the lake to the sea, creating an artificial lagoon.  So the lake became a salt/sweat water lagoon and the source is on the northwestern side. The opening of the canal should allow the fish farming.

The lagoon is separated from the sea by a narrow strip of land.  Northern is the beach of Chalikounas and on the southern part is the beach Issos.

Here you can find a lot of different kind of flowers, 14 different species of orchides.
The area is a magnet for various species of butterflies and birds, including cormorants, flamingos, wigeons and different duck species.
You can find also the Greek tortoises, different kind of fishes and chameleons.

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