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Draw a mandala

Mandala painting is a meditative and healing drawing technique. You will learn what constitutes a mandala and which tools you need to create it. It is a geometric image, which has a religious or magical meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is mostly round, rarely square and always orientated towards the center. The term mandala is also used time and again for patterns in nature, for example for round leaves or stones.

What you get

• All basic materials, pencils, paper
• Instructions
• Tea, coffee, water and snacks

What you take home

• You can take home your own mandala drawing

What else you should know

• Be calm and patient

Your host

Alexandra’s interest in geometrical shapes and free drawing motivated her to learn the mandala technique. While drawing mandala, she draws for a trouble-free and calm environment. This  relaxation that arises, brings her in an extremely meditative atmosphere.

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