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Hiking along Acheron River

Schwimm in the springs of Acheron river. In the river of Sadness, Acheron carries a mythological reference in his waters. There was as mythology explain the anteroom of the lower world, the last journey of human souls. Acheron is simply not enough to see and hear. You have to cross it walking and swimming. Start from Glyki Village a easy swim and hike to Dalla Bridge location, following the famous path used by the Souliotes during the Turkish occupation. Stand for a while in the Dragon Cave – where gushing springs sprout. One of the most impressive walks in the water starts from there to Dalla Bridge. On the way you will see the imposing canyon of Acheron and you will be captivated by the wonderful scenery. The impressive Skala Javelinas and Dalla Bridge crowns the river that flows its rushing waters into the whitewashed limestone rocks of the riverbed. Take the outside way back to Gliki Village and enjoy the view at the Mirador.

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