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We are Nefeli and Christos, both architects who lived and studied in Germany, returning to our roots. Possessing incredible memories of the seas, mountains and rivers in Greece, we would love to share them with you. We fill our days with craftworks. Always striving to be creative and positive. Enjoy the simple things life has to offer, nature. We provide you with harmonious experiences on every retreat, workshop, and adventure with safety and joy.

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Nefeli’s love for movement and passion in her daily life has inspired her to become a Pilates and Yoga instructor and co-founder of Mitosstudio. Currently based in Greece, she works also with sustainable and social building as a professional architect. Nefeli strives to always combine different disciplines to generate harmony.


Christos is a creative certified architect and co-founder of Mitosstudio. He works to challenge and exploring the boundaries within us. Through his experience living in Germany and Greece, he  recognizes the importance of cultural differences and opportunities in life. He uses this understanding to assist in supporting all people no matter which walk of life they come from.

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As a team, our instructors work together to create a supportive and comfortable environment. With a fusion of cultures, experience, and teaching styles, we create a space for you to feel comfortable, discover your physical abilities, and expand your knowledge and find your relaxation.
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Firmly believing in the healing powers of yoga and meditation, Nefeli focuses on the flow of energy in our bodies in her teachings. Her classes are filled with carefully crafted flows, dynamic body movements and calming breathing exercises using hands-on adjustments to help students’ alignments and integrity in their practices. She encourages people to infuse their life with more positivity, kindness and joy. Most importantly to know that we are all connected together in this beautiful journey called life.

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Jill is the founder of CircusAid an organization that provides circus as a form of occupational therapy to political and environmental refugees. She has been teaching and performing hula hooping and fire dancing for the last 15 years. She completed her yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2013. In 2018, she began training aerial silks and is happy to share these with the participants of this yoga retreat. For more information www.circusaid.com


A medicine Student and a passionate practitioner of martial arts and calisthenics Jonas came to yoga by “accident”. Later on, while studying in Germany, he started a disciplined Ashtanga selfpractice, using and applying his medical knowledge on it. In search of a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga, on a physical as well as on a spiritual level he started his seven-month journey to India, where he came to profound realizations about the fundamental relation of movement and breath to our emotional and spiritual world. Returning to Greece he starts teaching yoga. The theoretical background gained from his studies, his constant thriving for knowledge, his increasing teaching experience but most important his passion to share the benefits of movement, breath control, philosophy, and meditation soon enable him to start teaching in various specialized seminars and YTTCs. In 2017 he co-founded Studio108 in Ioannina.



Laura started her “Yoga-journey” 11 years ago. On her path she followed different mindfulness courses, yoga classes and travelled around the world to develop her skills. In 2016 she completed her teacher training in India (certificated from “Yoga Alliance” by “Kashmir Shiavism School of Yoga”). After this she focused next to Yoga on different kind of massages to get deeper knowledges about the human body, mind and soul. Tibetan singing bowl sound healing helps her to brings people in a state of relaxation, that allows a deep bodywork. Applying thai yoga massage helps her to release blockages of her clients, by stimulating or stretching specific points of the body.


Anna is a Socialworker from Germany with a huge compassion for travelling, what lead her to find her inner connection with India, where she spends the winter since the last 10 years. Through this she found her love for yoga, in the country of the origin. Her focus is based on the awarness and belief in your own strength. In her classes you will discover theoretical inspiration and to focus on details and train your patience to make yourself grow and to expand your own physical and mental boundaries. She is looking forward to participate in this yoga retreat and to support you in the balance and harmony of body, mind and soul.

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I had the pleasure of working with Nefeli, Christos and Jill while in a yoga/meditation retreat in Greece. It was my first retreat outside the US and it was an experience I will never forget. The three of them worked so well together and each brought something so unique to the experience. I had never done aerial yoga and Jill was such an amazing teacher. It has changed the way I practice.
Tess I Yoga Retreat I Bioporos Cofu 2019

I would love to share with you my experience... I'm on my way, trying to find the wright place, from 10.30 and I found the team at 11.45. I'm tired, almost ready to quit ... Finally, I found a great and perfect place, with a literary wonderful teacher, and all my tension and anger went magically away.... Wonderful experience, thank you so much!
Anna | Yoga Session | Larisa 2019

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I have been on a few retreats now and the passion Nefeli, Christos and Jill had was above the rest. Nefeli hat a lot of passion for what she does and it translates in her beautiful jewelry. She pays attention to a lot of details as she had a few surprises in store for us. Christos sweat lodge was very interesting and was a great way to end a retreat and seal bonds with everyone.
Would highly recommend! I would def. do again!
Gianna I Yoga Retreat I Bioporos Cofu 2019

Yoga sessions with Nefeli are really recommended. She motivates you to keep a good flow during the session and brings a good amount of variations each time!
Eliana | Yoga Sessions | Stuttgart 2019-20

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I went there with two friends. We booked last minute and didn't really know what we had to expect. Because of Covid some people canceled last minute and we were just a small group, what was really nice as well, because we got to know the people and especially the organizers better. It wasn't a typical yoga retreat, as you find it in some other places. It was a mixture in between yoga and circus arts, like juggeling, Aerial, etc., what I personally enjoyed a lot. In a really short time you do loads of different stuff, what you usually don't do at home and you get guided by very inspiring people. On top we had a farm tour, and a cooking class, so as star watching by the owners of the farm, what was really interesting and at least for me it's not included in my daily routine.

Yoga classes, as Vinyasa and Hatha, were mostly once a day outside, but we did meditation walks, guided mediation and mandala painting, what is of course part of Yoga as well. A highlight every day were the farm meals. Greek vegetarian food, all organic, mostly from the farm itself. The evening program was every day different (outdoor cinema, star watching, meditation and fire show). In conclusion I can say that I enjoyed myself a lot, being active the whole day, trying new things surrounded by really caresome people and a lot of animals ;). I took a lot of inspiration with me and must say this retreat is a special one.

Kathrina | Yoga Retreeat | Corfu 2021-09

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Mats are rolled to the ground, take your time, every movement and
breath create space and calm…

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    Yoga and Asanas is an experience that requires more practical training than theoretical knowledge. One of the intended effects is to calm the flow of the body and thought. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a dynamic yoga style that includes Asanas (body postures), pranayama (breathing control) and meditation. Breathing and movement are consciously linked and thus this flow focuses on the precise execution to encourage fluidity from one Asanas to the next.
    Hatha yoga refers to the practice of yoga that includes Asanas (poses), Pranayama (breathing), and the health of the body in regards to the harmony of mind and soul.
    Experience union of mind, body and breath utilizing the aerial hammock and gravity to go deeper into yoga poses and postures. Our aerial yoga classes focus on building strength and increasing flexibility while promoting positive risk taking in a safe and supported environment where participants are encouraged to challenge their perceived capacities and try to new things. No experience is necessary as this class is tailored to individual functional and comfort levels. Aerial yoga is open to all fitness and skill levels, no prerequisites needed.
    Juggling is an excellent form of meditation that enables connections to occur between the more logical (left) and emotional (right) hemispheres of the brain. Coordination and bimanual hand use is strengthened through repetition and practice of specific motor skills. Participants will increase their physical and cognitive wellness while learning tricks to entertain their family and friends. The various juggling activities we will explore include ball juggling, ring juggling, scarf juggling, clubs, partner and group passing patterns. Juggling instruction is made all accessible, pitched at the right level for each individual to enable a fun and successful experience for all. Perseverance and creativity is encouraged while participants develop their own style of incorporating these skills with their own body movement. The use of HCT’s task grading teaching techniques will enable all participants to experience a “Flow” state throwing things in the air.
    Yin yoga is a calm and relaxing form of yoga. This form has a reduced number of poses that are each held for several minutes. As muscles relax, each pose penetrates deeper layers and connective tissues and structures closer to the joints (spine, hips, and legs); they restore the body’s natural mobility. There is also a mental strengthening component with the holding prolonged positioned. Use this fantastic opportunity to get deep into poses while completely relaxing your body and mind.
    When weather permits, we provide an outdoor handmade purification sauna, which is perfect for relaxing the soul and the body. The sweat lodge was founded in many cultures and is the oldest art of sauna built over 2,000 years ago.
    This hour is for everyone, who needs a little time for himself. Here you will find the space in which you can be, with everything belongs to you. You will be guided through a journey witch gives you  giant and deeply relaxation. What you find here are deceleration, new energy and a physical and mental well-being. In this hour you can discover every time something new about yourself.




We are always looking for inspiring places all over the world
to host our retreats and workshops.
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