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Sweat lodge

Sweat lodge is founded in many cultures. Very famous are the ones from the Guariani Indians about 2000 Years ago. They celebrated it and considered as the oldest art of sauna. The sweat lodge is build in 5 Levels and Represent the 5 Worlds, the Mineral World, the Plants World, the Animals World, the Humans World, united all together. At this workshop you will learn how to use bamboo to build a handmade sweat lodge. After a self-experience of creating a sweat lodge, you will have the opportunity to try a hot bath.

What you get

• All the knowledge on how to build a sweat lodge
• Tea, coffee, water and snacks

What you take home

• An amazing experience in a handmade sauna

What else you should know

• Bring a towel with you

Your host

• Christos is a creative certified architect and co-founder of Mitosstudio. He works to challenge and exploring the boundaries within us. Through his experience living in Germany and Greece, he  recognizes the importance of cultural differences and opportunities in life. He uses this understanding to assist in supporting all people no matter which walk of life they come from.

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