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Dancing meditation

In this workshop you harmonize your seven energy centers (chakra) of your body with the practice of dance yoga, with sound, dance and meditation. Through noise you connect with your inner sound, activate the chakra and let your energy flow freely again. The body moves in every direction, dancing, letting go and relaxing. Music or mantras accompany the process and a guided final meditation combines your energetic and mental level.

What you get

• A relaxing dancing yoga workshop
• Tea, coffee, water and snacks

What you take home

• Notes from the mantras we sing

What else you should know

• Bring comfortable clothes

Your host

• Laura started her “Yoga-journey” 11 years ago. On her path she followed different mindfulness courses, yoga classes and traveled around the world to develop her skills. In 2016 she completed her teacher training in India (certificated from “Yoga Alliance” by “Kashmir Shiavism School of Yoga”). After this she focused next to Yoga on different kind of massages to get deeper knowledge about the human body, mind and soul. Tibetan singing bowl sound healing helps her to brings people in a state of relaxation, that allows a deep bodywork. Applying Thai yoga massage helps her to release blockages of her clients, by stimulating or stretching specific points of the body.

• Jill is the founder of CircusAid an organization that provides circus as a form of occupational therapy to political and environmental refugees. She has been teaching and performing hula hooping and fire dancing for the last 15 years. She completed her yoga teacher training in Costa Rica in 2013. In 2018, she began training aerial silks and is happy to share these with the participants of this yoga retreat. For more information www.circusaid.com

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