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Arm balancing

In this practice, we will strengthen our center so that we can come to grips with our hands and start the journey of Handstands. With small steps you will learn, as a beginner or an advanced student, how to trust yourself and come on arm balancing. Practicing against a wall or with a partner, you will practice different postures. With regular practice, you can have lightness, agility, and strength. We will lay the groundwork for the most successful and solid arm balances in your practices. This workshop will cover theory, alignment drills, joint preparation,and of course handstands on/ off the wall, and with partners.

What you get

• A challenging yoga class with a lot of practice and fun

• Tea, coffee, water and snacks

What you take home

• Knowledge to keep practicing arm balancing alone

What else you should know

• Bring comfortable clothes

Your host

• Jonas- A medicine Student and a passionate practitioner of martial arts and calisthenics Jonas came to yoga by “accident”. Later on, while studying in Germany, he started a disciplined Ashtanga selfpractice, using and applying his medical knowledge on it. In search of a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga, on a physical as well as on a spiritual level he started his seven-month journey to India, where he came to profound realizations about the fundamental relation of movement and breath to our emotional and spiritual world. Returning to Greece he starts teaching yoga. The theoretical background gained from his studies, his constant thriving for knowledge, his increasing teaching experience but most important his passion to share the benefits of movement, breath control, philosophy, and meditation soon enable him to start teaching in various specialized seminars and YTTCs. In 2017 he co-founded Studio108 in Ioannina.

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